In the 2018 season, the team consists of 48 members, from 8 Faculties from the University of Belgrade. These are the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Metallurgy, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of ArchitectureMilitary Academy, Faculty of Organizational Sciences.


It means being part of a team, being tasked with jobs and goals, to learn about previous achievements and listen to all the advice and criticism and then come out with new ideas and plans and make certain improvements. Regardless of which team you are part of, everyone has a common goal, and help and teach each other. For the new members to get acquainted with the project, educational meetings and tests are held. Tenfore Road Arrow offers a lot, but it is also very demanding and students are asked for their time and full commitment. However,  all the effort in the end translate into a priceless experience which all members take with them and it means a lot in their careers.

Kosulja sa logoom Drumske Strele


  • Miljana Stojanović
    Team Leader
    Miljana Stojanović
  • Branko Miličić
    Project Leader
    Branko Miličić


  • Milana Šumarac
    Team Coordinator for Aerodynamics and Design
    Milana Šumarac
  • Jovana Buha
    Jovana Buha
  • Nikola Nikolić
    Nikola Nikolić
  • Stefan Rašić
    Stefan Rašić
  • Nikola Rajić
    Nikola Rajić
  • Željko Račić
    Željko Račić


  • Vukan Babić
    Team Coordinator for Chassis and Suspension
    Vukan Babić
  • Nemanja Topalović
    Nemanja Topalović
  • Momir Drakulić
    Momir Drakulić
  • Lazar Stojnić
    Lazar Stojnić
  • Stefan Marković
    Stefan Marković
  • Mihailo Mrvošević
    Mihailo Mrvošević
  • Lazar Marinković
    Lazar Marinković
  • Stefan Jovanović
    Stefan Jovanović
  • Veljko Tomović
    Veljko Tomović
  • Jovana Spasenović
    Jovana Spasenović
  • Milija Tešić
    Milija Tešić
  • Lav Mitić
    Lav Mitić


  • Vladimir Šiljković
    Team Coordinator for Powertrain
    Vladimir Šiljković
  • Đorđe Vasić
    Đorđe Vasić
  • Sava Kosijer
    Sava Kosijer
  • Uroš Marinković
    Uroš Marinković
  • Katarina Kučuk
    Katarina Kučuk


  • Dragana Borjan
    Dragana Borjan
  • Đorđe Međedović
    Đorđe Međedović
  • Sofija Arsić
    Sofija Arsić
  • Antonije Mitrović
    Antonije Mitrović


  • Nemanja Nešković
    Team Coordinator for Electronics
    Nemanja Nešković
  • Stefan Vukčević
    Stefan Vukčević
  • Nikola Novaković
    Nikola Novaković
  • Nenad Đalović
    Nenad Đalović
  • Rastko Sekić
    Rastko Sekić
  • Ivan Gluvačević
    Ivan Gluvačević
  • Filip Cvejić
    Filip Cvejić
  • Dejan Lukić
    Dejan Lukić


  • Petar Ivanović
    Team Coordinator for Marketing and Sponsorships
    Petar Ivanović
  • Marina Vasić
    Marina Vasić
  • Maja Milošević
    Maja Milošević
  • Nenad Mirković
    Nenad Mirković
  • Marko Petko
    Marko Petko
  • Katarina Mihajlović
    Katarina Mihajlović
  • Milena Ristić
    Milena Ristić
  • Marina Marković
    Marina Marković
  • Natalija Popović
    Natalija Popović
  • Ana Nikčević
    Ana Nikčević
  • Stevan Masal
    Stevan Masal